As it is, unravel the five senses

Designed by Starry Sky Professionals
Experience-based accommodation in Aso-Kuju National Park

Minami Aso Luna Observatory Auberge "Forest Atelier"
Luna Observatory & Atelier in the Forest
Since 1986

Filled with sensible experiences, the “Star Hotel” heals the mind and body

A vast prairie of 1,000 in Kumamoto Prefecture's Aso-Kuju National Park.
Since recorded history, people have looked up at the night sky from the grasslands of Aso.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the blessings of the earth, and pray to the sun and stars that always watch over you.
A peaceful life with loved ones that has been passed down since ancient times.

This museum has such a simple theme of "living with the stars".
It is a slightly mysterious star hotel.

Full of rich experiences that touch your sensibility,
Please enjoy a moment to heal your mind and body.

■ Awards ■
Ranked 1 nationwide in the Nikkei Anything Ranking "At an inn where the stars fall on the long autumn nights"
(Same as above) Ranked 6 nationwide in "Recommended observatories for women"
Rakuten Travel "Popular Auberge 2020 in Japan" Ranked 9, etc.

▲Forbes JAPANに記事を寄稿しました。2026年に100周年を迎える日本の公開天文台をご紹介します。

▲Forbes JAPANに記事を寄稿しました。20世紀最高の天文台で見つけた、名物解説員の物語。

The article of the JR Tokaido Shinkansen green car magazine written by author Yuo Kawauchi is now available.

"Under the starry sky, thinking about the distant and near universe" Hontabi! open to the public

Recommended plans for Forest Atelier

Recommended plans for Forest Atelier

別館ツイン 1600X1200


[Early Bird 60]

早期予約特典プラン☆ 60日前までのご予約で4000円引き!

A relaxing space for adults ★ Enjoy the starry sky plan where you stay in the main building

This is a one-night, two-board plan that allows you to enjoy a stay in the main building and a nighttime starry sky tour.

Premium starry sky experience tour

Premium starry sky experience tour

A small-group premium tour of about 90 minutes by a "Star Concierge®" who has acquired specialized knowledge.
The tour is designed to be enjoyed by children and adults alike.
Beautiful space travel with the latest digital planetarium,
An astronomical observation experience with a giant telescope that looks like a sci-fi movie.
At "Hoshimigahara" where you can enjoy lying on the prairie of Aso,
The shooting star you saw with your loved one will be a lifetime memory.

We will reserve a seat so that all guests can participate in the tour.
Even if the weather is bad, you can rest assured that the program will be organized every night.

Guest Room

Guest Room

Located in a forest at an altitude of 600m that changes with the seasons, there are 2 room types in the main building and annex.
The main building of the historic Western-style inn was renovated in 2021 3,
The concept of the room is "a relaxed adult stay" in a room with a calm atmosphere.
The Western-style building "Annex" nestled in the forest is a villa type with a cute interior using old wood and bricks, and each entrance is independent.
Both have enough space to spend time comfortably, which one do you prefer?

Creative French in Minamiaso

Creative French in Minamiaso

We hope that the dinner time you enjoy in the classical Western-style building in the forest will be a memory that will last a lifetime.
We are particular about Kumamoto and Aso products, as well as locally purchased fresh vegetables,
The fillet of Aso red beef raised on natural pastures, known as the “supreme red meat,” is a word that will impress you.
Creative French that pursues the best cooking method for each ingredient,
It is full of simple wishes that each and every customer can continue to live in good health and peace of mind.

starry sky communication

starry sky communication

star concierge

Star Concierge®


astronomical club

Virtual Astronomy Club

We operate an online starry sky circle “Virtual Astronomical Club™” where you can enjoy the starry sky of Minami Aso with Japan’s first smartphone.
There are plenty of contents that even beginners can enjoy the starry sky life, such as live streaming with star-loving friends, learning about the constellations and this month's astronomical event!
There is a special service for staying guests! Please consider it when you stay.