【Gregorian calendar and future space calendar ★ thinking of the calendar】

2016 February 29 day

【Gregorian calendar and future space calendar ★ Think of the calendar.

In this year 2016 year, 'leap year', once every four years 2 / 29 has come!

Let me introduce a little about today's "Gregorian calendar" that supports us, its limitation, and "future space calendar".

The Gregorian calendar which is used worldwide today is the calendar which was established by the Pope Gregorian 13 world in 1582 year (Japan was introduced in the Meiji 5 year).

The rule is simple, it is "1 year is 365 day, but 400 years 97 times a year as 366 days".

But the number "1 year = 365.2425 day" derived from here is very accurate! Even when compared to "1 mean solar years = 365.2422 day" derived from astronomical observations, only about 26.8 seconds deviate in one year.

By the way, at the end of the 16 century when the Gregorian calendar was adopted when the telescope was invented (it seems that it was invented in the 1580 era according to the astronomer Kepler's book). That is, without using optical instruments such as a telescope (?!), I made this precise calendar with human eyes.

by the way, the julian calendar which was adopted before the gregorian calendar is also very excellent. "1 year = 365.25 day", this very accurate calendar was enacted in 45 bc (?!), legend roma ...! ('· ω · `;)

Well, no matter how accurate Gregorian history it is, it can not be used forever.

The exact 1 year (average solar year) and Gregorian calendar derived from astronomical observations deviate by about 27 seconds in one year. In other words, if you calculate it quite roughly, it will be calculated that it will deviate exactly one day in about 3200 years from the introduction = around the year CE 4800.

The descendants who live on the Earth of the 49 century maybe they are working on the revised calendar (Actually, since the average sun a little becomes shorter, in fact it is necessary to renew the calendar earlier).

But the story does not stay there. Because there is a possibility that mankind will advance into space!

The concept of the 1 day and the year on the earth is made on the basis of living on the earth naturally. If you go to space, that standard will be gone, so a calendar that is better suited for living in the universe will be created. Even though the exact time of 1 seconds is universal, the calendar that determines the 1 day or the 1 year that is closely related to human culture and life is different.

earth calendar, martian calendar, pegasus the 51 th e seventh, andromeda galaxy calendar etc etc ... in the future a lot of "space calendar" may be created!^^

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