【Seven Colored Starry Landscapes ★ Co-star with Linear Comet and Planet, Milky Way】

2016 April 2 ​​day

Seven colors of starry scenery

It was the timing of "just now"! Co-star of Linear comet (Suseni) approaching the Earth and Antares of Milky Way, Saturn, Mars and Scorpio has become a wonderful landscape gathering the seven colors of the universe.
Well, this linear comet is a bit difficult subject to see with binoculars or telescopes. However, camera reflection is excellent!
Recent compact digital cameras and single lens reflex cameras will be able to shoot. It is a chance until the moon rising 2 midnight!
In addition, we have successfully photographed the "twin comet" together with the comet of this time (252 P / LINEAR) and the comet (P / 2016 BA 14) that we shot the other day .
These comets are thought to be "comets of twins", so to speak, one that was once one that was divided into two due to some cause.
It's kind of emotional that I was able to shoot the comet brothers who are travelers of the universe ... (`· ω · ') *
By the way, in addition to the currently observable Jupiter, Saturn and Mars season will come soon. 4-7 The Observatory of the Moon is a celebration of the planet ♬ Please come and visit ^ ^
How about a star's concierge ® and romantic planet exploration?
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