【Aso Traffic Information ★ Mt. Aso Mountain Route】


【Aso Traffic Information ★ Mt. Aso Mountain Route】
A westbound route connecting Aso City to Minamiaso Village is now available. From the vicinity of National Road 57 Milk Road entrance, take the Aso Mountain Trail and connect to Minami-Aso National Road 325. With this, there are 2 routes from Kumamoto area to Minamiaso via (1). Kumamoto IC via Milk Road and (2). Aso Kumamoto Airport IC. via Green Road. became. Each time is about 90 minutes.

This westbound route has been able to pass on narrow roads until now, but it has been improved to make it easier to pass. Recommended^^

(平成28年5月22日 九州地方整備局発表をもとに作成)

[Video de Minamiaso Traffic Information]
★ From Aso Kumamoto Airport IC. To Minamiaso via Green Road

★ From Aso Station to the forest atelier via National Highway 265 (Hakoishi Pass)

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