[Get up from the earthquake! ] Observatory Revival Project Start ☆ 彡 The 1 bullet is a new planetary photography system for the "Observatory Giant Telescope Astronomical Photography Club". The latest ASI290MC (color) and ASI290MM (monochrome) 2 CCD cameras can be switched with a flip mirror. Then, I shoot with an L + RGB filter and combine them, but at the stage of incident, I also perform dispersion correction of the color of light due to atmospheric refraction through a vari-angle prism. Please look forward to what kind of planet you can take (^ _ ^) v Would you like to join the "Giant Telescope Astronomical Observatory Club"? 🌠 "Giant telescope astronomical photography course at the observatory" ★ Project introduction "# Get up from the earthquake! 』→ #Power of Minamiaso #minamiasonochikara #atrie

2016 July 17 day

【震災から立ち上がれ!】天文台復活プロジェクト始動 ☆彡

さあ、どんな惑星の姿が撮れるか、お楽しみに (^_^)v



★ introduction of the project "stand up from the earthquake! "

#The power of Minamiaso #minamiasonochikara