It is the resurrection for only one day. ♬

10 / 15 (Sun) Limited "Planetarium Falls asleep" Special Projection

2017 October 8 day

10 / 15 (Sun) Limited "Planetarium Falls asleep" Special Projection

Lying on a fluffy carpet, wrapped in healing commentary of the starry sky, while living in the planetarium luxurious moment



Actually this "sleeping rolling style", I was doing it at the beginning of the Luna observatory. It is a nostalgic project for old fans^^


I want to have many people enjoy, so I tried hard to make the fee casual! Also, a fun Marche is held in the garden on the day ♬


Both adults and children are welcome! Luna Observatory, let's experience the relaxing healing planetarium.


【Date and time】


· 1 times: 12:00 ~ (capacity 30, 45 minutes)

· 2 times: 14:30 ~ (capacity 30, 45 minutes)

※ No entry in the middle. We will inform you on a first-come-first-served basis with no reservation required.


【price】 special rate only for this day! (usually 1 seats 1000 yen)

Either (1), (2)

(1). One person 500 yen

(2). 1 group (up to 5 name) uniformly 1,000 yen


Asleep, planetarium!
Asleep, planetarium!
Space Girl - Kano - ~ Autumn's Stars Style
Space Girl - Kano - ~ Autumn's Stars Style

4 k Planetarium Producer

The girl in the atelier of the forest - Kano-

Hello! It is Kano of the air (sora) girl who is producing the 4 K planetarium of Luna Observatory.


When considering the production of the planetarium, what cherishes more than anything is the feeling that each individual has "like stars and likes the universe."


You do not need to have expertise to enjoy the starry sky!


I think that adults, children, travelers, lovers, grandparents, grandmothers can join together and enjoy planetarium's starry sky as they think ♬



On the day, please enjoy Kano produced healing starry sky commentary with the star concierge's living commentary.


Both adults and children are welcome!
Both adults and children are welcome!

>> simultaneous holding at the atelier garden in the forest : autumn's bridal marche <<

"Bridal Marche" is a fun Marche that stocks sundries and delicious items with the theme of "wedding ceremony" ♪


Everyone is free to visit!


A couple wanting to do a wedding ceremony, a family who wants to enjoy Marche, friends with others.


Please also take part in "Weddings" in the forest where dress show performance and nature start.

It is a wedding ceremony that connects people with people. We will produce a wonderful day for everyone to feel Happy.


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