Look, look at the sky!

The crescent moon is very beautiful & there is no influence of the volcano (^ ^)

2019 February 8 day

Crescent of 2019 / 2 / 8
Crescent of 2019 / 2 / 8

"Look, look at the sky! Crescent moon is beautiful "(2 / 8 gold 18:30 shooting)


At the end of winter, the crescent moon floating in the clear sky seems to be like a small boat dusk.



Big winter big triangle (2019 / 1)
Big winter big triangle (2019 / 1)

Stipple ... Denpa "star drawing" Great triangle in winter.

It's about 4 palms of rough hand over the night sky. How many stars are you thinking?

Although it is not enough to mention the celestial bodies that are reflected ...

Sirius, Procion, Betelgeus of Orion, Rigel ...


The Orion Nebula, Barnard Loop, Rosa Nebula, Waka Nebula, Ultraman's homebrew M78 nebula are also shown.

It is a wonderful starry sky that is beautiful and not bored with anything^^

A starry sky tour of 2019 / 2 / 8
A starry sky tour of 2019 / 2 / 8

This is the state of the starry sky tour of tonight (2 / 8 gold). Many parents and children came to enjoy playing the full sky starry sky^^


As you can see, [Volcanic activity rising in Mt. Aso] ... The headline is awesome, but today we have the night as usual.


In recent years, there have been such things many times. Actually there was a large eruption.


However, we have never been hurt enough to make our hotel unable to accept accommodation. Every evening, we keep a starry sky tour without leaving at our hotel.


Those who make a reservation, please feel at ease. (In the unlikely event, if events occur that could not be stayed, we will send you the information as soon as possible)


By the way, it is difficult to say that the volcano is "absolutely safe!" So that earthquakes can occur anywhere in Japan.


Why do tens of thousands of people live in such an active nationwide active volcano and mount Aso? Why have the activities of thousands of years of people going on and the long history and culture formed?


I think that you can see it when you visit South Aso^^