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Full of ateliers in the forest!

星をみる 2020.01.25

Highlights of the starry sky from 2020 to 2 and 5

Starry sky information from the 2 month to the 5 month recommended by Star Concierge® at the Minamiaso Luna Observatory! It's getting warmer little by little, so let's enjoy the starry sky slowly ☆ 彡 Concierge®, the star-loving star, will guide you! ! ★ Its 1. Bright 1 stars, etc. Brightness among stars from winter to spring No.1 "Sirius", No.2 "Canopus", No.3 "A. ..

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blog 2019.08.22

About Minami Aso Luna Observatory crowdfunding

For those who supported the hotel through the crowdfunding that is being held ... You can enjoy the "Minami Aso Luna Observatory Aso Observatory" live broadcast 1 times a week on your smartphone or computer! Let's experience the astronomical observation experience selected as the best in Japan every week on your smartphone !! Invite every week to "Live astronomical observation live broadcast" to enjoy with live commentary of the star concierge Ⓡ !! Astronomical observation tour of Minami Aso Luna Observatory every...

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Fun with baby and maternity ★ Forest atelier guide

Click here to edit Spacer module. Even pregnant women (maternity) can enjoy it with peace of mind ♪ Before the baby is born, have a final commemorative trip for only two couples! I'm looking forward to having a baby soon, but on the other hand, I'm running out of time with my favorite husband. I think there are many couples who think that. Accepting a baby ...

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星をみる 2019.04.15

New experience appearance developed by Concierge R of the star State-of-the-art starry sky walk "Electronic observatory α-Luna" birth

α-Luna System Experience seeing the invisible universe in real time in “the eyes of science” in the “eye of science”, 2019 spring appearance 21 At the cutting-edge astronomy scene in the 21 century, astronomers are sensors such as CCD, CMOS ... We continue to challenge the mystery of the universe with the so-called "eye of science". By applying this technology, we have developed the “α-Luna system” that reflects the appearance of a celestial body invisible to the human eye in real time. At the observatory, using a huge telescope ...

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