Western music history and musicians

The 10 times "Jong Ruhr and Minstrel"


The origins of various music, including pop, rock, jazz, nursery rhymes, and enka, that are enjoyed today regardless of the east or west of the world, are Western art music, and classical music that has evolved as it evolved. And it is based on church music developed in Western Christian churches. This is because, in church music, a unique technical system that is not found in other music is built, in which music scores are written on paper and later transmitted, and new music is written and played based on the materials. It became the basis of Western art music. You can find out what musicians were active and how church music evolved through the documents and music scores stored in the church today.

But of course, as music developed in the Western world, there should have been a lot of music outside the church. Naturally, music depends on the human consciousness of that era, so such secular music and popular music should not have a great influence on church music, but rather secular music. It can be said that church music was established in the form of that.

Now, from the 3rd to the 8th of this series, as such secular music, poetry and music of Barbados (court singers) following Troubadour, Torver, Minnesinger along the Western Chivalry, We introduced Meister Zinger = craft singer by the citizen who inherited it, but it is still possible to know the contents of poetry and what kind of performance was done by various remaining documents etc. .
However, there was no sheet music left for the real popular music at that time, so there was no way to know what it was and who was playing and singing. It is.

That said, among the unnamed musicians in the history of Western music, what is still known by the professions of John Gruhr (Joglar) and Minstrel is active in and near the court. The names have been handed down to this day. John Gruul was originally considered to be an entertainer who shared his role in the style of John Gruhr, where the noble troubadour (the court singer) made poetry as an author and actually played and sang. The Eventually, John Gruul was raised as Troubadour (for example, a pistolator who served Arnaud de Marseille), and conversely, Troubadour (for example Auvergne Knight Payroll) who fell to John Gruul appeared, It seems that there was not. Later, the entertainers are generally called John Gruul. Minstrel is a musician (entertainer) who serves the court, and later refers to the hired John Gruul.