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The 3rd "Guillaume d'Aquitaine Aquitaine and Troubadour"

2017 March 20 day

"love, the invention of this 12th century" was the 19th century french historian senupos. now love and love are the supreme themes indispensable to every play and drama, but in a rough europe before the 12th century, which had previously lost greek / roman wisdom and culture by barbarian invasion, women is the target of the desire to be acquired, love is only a temporary passion, and marriage is only a means to have a home.
however, following the spanish reconquista (land recovery campaign), when the crusades began and the activities of the knights began to spotlight to recapture the lost christian sacred land in 1096 years, europe has advanced islamic culture european classics lost through through touching the ancient culture, eventually accepting. at the end of the 11th century, poitiers night in south france at the court of guillaume ix (1071 - 1126 year) of aquitaine, even if it is sensual and physical love, women are treated as equal subjects of romance acknowledging, the activities of the knights called troubadour (bardyard) to create poetry to honor the ladies and to sing love began. however, the knights just made poetry and songs, and the actual performances and songs seem to have been performed by the entertainers who are called the jogging rules.
according to guillaume ix, the first troubadour, according to the biography of troubadour (vida), "earl of poitiers is the most elegant figure in the world, a person who has been a longtime person to seduce the most women and as a knight he gave a hand full of breathtaking hands, he made poetry, he was a wonderful singer, and wandered around the world to deceive women.
indeed, because of that unrestrained female itinerary, the two marriages broke down, the wives kept themselves in the monastery, they were also excommunicated twice from the church, and the image of the sincere knight in the reverence of the later era it seemed quite different, but many intellectuals and bards gathered at the charming court and became a womb where new court culture began. after that, bernardo de ventadron, jaufre rüder and others are active as troubadours.
the songs of the court singers who were singing outside the church where gregorian chant was sung soon eventually married the granddaughter alexander dakitene of guillaume ix to louis vii of france and the court of northern france it will flower as a tovel. this trend further goes north, half a century later minnetinger is beginning to sing a love song at the court of the holy roman empire in germany.
in this way love and love changed in the court to the ideals of service of the knights and courtesy of self-sacrifice, devoted sincerity to the noble women such as the lord's wife and targeted for worship not to be tied. in the 19 century boston / paris named this "courtly love affair". this will later become a chivalry spirit, which will shape the spiritual culture of europe.