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2019.09.01 Mr. Ura
The food was delicious and I ate baby food well

The reason I booked the hotel: I had a baby plan and it seemed like I could enjoy it with my children. Impressions of the meal (French): It was very delicious for both adults and children. I often ate baby food. Natural environment / impression of the room: Quiet and good. There are many insects. Impressions of the starry sky tour: The child made a noise and caused inconvenience, but he warmly responded. The time from dinner to tour is tight, so I want more time. Requests from customers ...

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2017.08.17 Mr. Haruka Tanaka
Gentle smile and warm response of all of the staff

My first trip with my son who will be half a year old, I became indebted to Luna Observatory, who had been anxious for a long time. A place to know, my shamer son. Although I was worried that inconvenience might occur, I had been having a lot of fun with everyone's friendly smile and warm correspondence. I am happy till now. I was delighted to prepare even a toy for a child's body soap even at a hot spring (moon no yu), and I was very pleased. ...

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2016.10.16 Mr. Yoshino
I would like to recommend Auberge to everyone.

I was worried about what happens on the first trip after my baby was born, but the staff was very kind and I was able to spend a lot of fun. My daughter was delighted with delicious baby food and bread, wide garden. I want to come again. I heard that there was a cancellation due to the effect of the eruption, but it seems that there is no ash falling around here. It is Auberge who wants to recommend to everyone. ...

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2015.05.26 Mr. Miyamoto
Observatory, garden swing, hammock, baby plan

The observatory decided to stay because there are garden swings and hammocks, a baby plan, and there is a safe Japanese room even if there are moving kids. The room was very clean, the staff 's response was wonderful, and the food was very satisfying. I hope my family can stay overnight every year. Thank you very much. ...

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2014.09.18 Mr. Tabata
I had a baby plan

I decided here as soon as I knew that there was a baby plan and that there are tools in the garden where children can play. Weaning meal can also serve rice which is handmade, and it was good that you could just bring out adult cuisine in as much amount as possible. When I come next time I would like to bring Grandpa and Grandma, too. The kind correspondence of the staff was also very satisfied. Planetarium, it would be nice to see a beautiful starry sky for the next time. ...

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2014.08.18 Mr. Asawa
20 New Year's Eve

When I was traveling with my friends from 20 years ago, I had a chance to stay without having the opportunity to stay, so I remembered this time, so I tried to make a reservation. It was a very cute and wonderful inn, and I was touched by the worries of the staff. (Cutting of the steak at dinner is impressed with the couple both because I thought that my baby was there for sure because there was an infant.) 20 What I had the opportunity this past occasion to stay and really I think that it was good. ...

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Today, I became a good memento of my daughter who is 1 year old. Traveling with a baby is tough but it is saved because facilities are in place. At midnight, when I got up, I could see the stars. Thank you very much! ...

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Next time I am blind, I want to drink a cheese. It was disappointing because the weather was bad and stars could not be seen. However, I was able to enjoy dinner and planetarium even with my baby, I am very satisfied. ...

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2014.07.05 Mr. Kugimiya
I was very happy to be able to spend time with my baby without hesitation.

I was very happy to be able to spend time with my baby without hesitation. This time, I chose a room with tatami mats, so my daughter, who was standing up and hiking, was happy! The private indoor bath was wider than I expected, and it was good that it wasn't too hard to put a baby in. The correspondence of the staff was also kind and pleasant. I think the first family trip with three people was a great success. ...

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2014.07.05 Mr. Nakamura
The garden is large and the children are flirting with swings and hammocks.

I was looking for a hot spring to take with my baby, and I made a reservation because this family hot spring is large and children will be happy. The staff were very friendly and I could stay with my baby without any worries. What impressed me most was that the food was very delicious. The steak for children was also soft and delicious. It was good that the hot springs were large, but I wish I had a table for changing my baby's clothes. The garden is large and swings and ha ...