How to spend

1 day of the atelier in the forest

"No. 1 in the Nikkei anything ranking』\

Aso Kuju National Park

In the magnificent nature

1 days around the starry sky and the universe


Let's GO !!

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Nikkei Anything Ranking_September 2017 9 day issue
Atelier of fresh green beautiful forest Appearance

Welcoming greetings entrance

As you go through the tunnels of the trees from the parking lot, it is about 2400 pyeong's spacious garden.

Let's inhale the cool air of the forest and feel nature in South Aso.

And in the back of the garden, open the door of a classical Western-style building ... your 1 day starts as if it was the hero of the story

16:00 to 17:00 check in


When you open the door to the front, there are lots of picturesque scenery, please feel free to shoot ♬

Check-in by 17 is highly recommended to enjoy the starry sky tour with plenty of time.



British-style in-house reception with plenty of playfulness

Creative French, dinner time in the starry forest

★ 18:00 ~ (Change on cuisine until 3 ​​days ago)

Enjoy the blessings of Aso and Kumamoto, a treasure trove of the best ingredients in Japan, on a full-course French meal.

Also pay attention to the presentation with the theme of "starry sky".

Classical concert every Sunday(Currently suspended)

★ Dinner time (mid - 3 - 7, Sunday or late consecutive holidays from the end of the 9 - 12 month)

This is a small hotel live performance! It is a classical dinner concert very close to the performer and you.

- Music and astronomy used to be one -   Please enjoy the admiration for the human universe with a program that keeps track of Western music history in 1 year.

(It is suspended indefinitely to prevent the new coronavirus)

enj_img 07

The night has come! "Premium Starry Sky Tour" START !!

★ 20:00 ~ (Depending on the day, reservation required at check-in)

From 2020 year 7 monthA small group starry sky experience tour that you can enjoy with the same quality as before the new corona occurred while avoiding 3 crowdsWill be carried out.

We have equipment such as flashlights necessary for the tour, masks and face guards to enjoy communication to the fullest.It's okay to participate empty-handed.

Let's enjoy the starry sky and the universe to the fullest!

The Ultimate Starry Sky Experience ☆ Hoshigagahara (Hoshimi Gora)

Only in fine weather(After the premium starry sky tour)

I lie down in the field where the Milky Way can be seen, count the number of shooting stars to my heart's content 

It's almost like a movie scene! It is the place where you can look down at the starry sky, "It is Hoshigamihara," lying on a comfortable starry sky bed, "freely, safely, to the heart".

No words are necessary here. Please enjoy the eternal universe to your heart 's content.

Copy of facility appearance (day)

Let's enjoy refreshing bird voice, forest morning

★ Breakfast 8:00, check out ~ 11:00

How wonderful is the morning forest! Wild birds echo in the clear forest's air.

After breakfast with plenty of local ingredients, let's enjoy the time that flows slowly.

Check out is at 11 hour. A magnificent Aso caldera is waiting for you.