7 About the impact of heavy rain in early May

2020 July 4 day

The hotel is open normally without any impact.
Major roads and public transportation in the Aso area also operate normally


(Updated at 18 on July 11, 2020)


It has been reported 7 early MayThere is no impact on the Aso area due to the heavy rain disaster.Main roads and public transport are also available as usual.The hotel is also open as usual.


For customers who make reservations to the hotel


There are some disruptions in transportation such as the Kyushu Expressway, JR, and Shinkansen. Please pay attention to the latest information when you come to the museum. Also, if you have any trouble that you cannot visit, please do not overdo it and give priority to your own safety first.


[Information] JR Kyushu operation information

[Information] Kyushu Expressway traffic information