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Saturn, Milky Way & Scorpio v sign !! ★ South Aso Luna Observatory's Summer Starry Sky Information

2017 July 20 day

V sign
The highlight of the south low sky!

On the summer vacation night 9, low sky in south sky @ South Aso

Saturn shines in the middle of the "v sign" made by the Milky Way and Scorpio!

Why do people feel such impressed when they see a certain star in that ring?


We value "first Saturn" at our hotel.

The first observation of Saturn only once in a lifetime. The current runs, really, it is brisk.


Everyone has seen the pictures at once, the mysterious star with the ring, Saturn.

Look, that, around the round body, there is a big ring star!


Actually, you can clearly see clearly with Saturn's ring, the hotel's telescope.


Our star concierge is a professional observation of the starry sky.

We will gently and escortfully escort your "First Saturn".

Of course, those who are second or later also promise a denser Saturn experience.


Besides, observation of the moon (early in 8 month)

Meteor observation (mid-August), the Milky Way of the summer (late January) is also great^^


If you want to be healed by the starry sky, please come and visit the atelier in the forest!