Look at the stars

"Galaxy railroad" under maintenance!

4 k planetarium of "delicate genius skin" ★ It seems to be under adjustment

2017 July 21 day

4 k Planetarium, under adjustment

One of the "two planetariums" of the hotel [Luna. 4 K].

The performance is terribly good, but with delicate genius skin, day-to-day maintenance and adjustment are indispensable ^ ^;


A 4 k projection system which can be said to be overspecific for the dome about the size of the hotel.

"Ultra-fine, ultra-clear, super clean" - In exchange for wonderful projections, more time is required for maintenance.


As it were, this 4k system is a "galaxy railroad" that leads us to space travel beyond time and space.

It is the duty of our star concierge to bring out its delicate abilities to the full.


Certainly maintenance is a bit tough, but when you look at the beautiful universe you draw, tiredness also blows away^^