Look at the stars

Walking in the starry sky tonight 20170717 Age of age 23

Nebula and star cluster seen with binoculars M 16, M 17

2017 July 17 day


A starry night walk tonight 20170717 age 23
Nebula / star cluster M 1 6, M 1 7 seen with a pair of binoculars


※ The photo was taken last night at "Hoshimigahara".


Starry sky tonight too. I can see the glittering Milky Way through the clouds.


From M8 and M20 that you saw one day ago, let's go back to the Milky Way with binoculars above, with the Mu star on the top right of the south star six stars.


Soon, there will be two diffuse nebulae of M16 from below M17 and slightly above.
The gamma star (double star) of the constellation is visible to the left, and it forms just an equilateral triangle.




The slightly above M16 is named after my nebula, but it is a bit dark, and it also looks like a hazy cloud with binoculars.
In the photos taken with the Hubble Space Telescope, a cloud of interstellar gas called a pillar of creation, where a new star is born, was a topic.


If you can see the two celestial bodies with naked eyes, or if you have a good eye, please try using the eyes in the dark.