Look at the stars

How about a night that loves the moon in Minami Aso?

"Fall" if you see the moon

2017 September 1 day

"○ ○ month" ... full moon, half moon ... ... When examining this expression in the dictionary, the words of 100 or more appear lightly.


Raw moon, crescent moon, things related to the way of appearance, such as night, Ariake's moon such as things related to the time and position of the moon are really varied.


Ever since ancient times, people have loved the moon regardless of civilization.


It is autumn this kind of moon has been considered to be the most beautiful from Japan.


There are a variety of reasons, but ... autumn is probably perfect for astronomical, climatic and emotional reasons.


Susumu and autumn moon

In this southern Aso you can look up at the moon leisurely in the rice paddies and forests as ordinary people came from long ago.


Love moon, momentary moment.

Mid-autumn moon and clouds