Look at the stars

9 / 24 21:30 shooting

Tonight's starry sky photo @ Hoshigagahara "Two people saw" Subaru "today's astrophoto @ Hoshimi-ga-Hara-Pleiades rising-

2017 September 25 day

9 / 24 21:30 shooting "SUBARU" seen by us
9 / 24 21:30 shooting "SUBARU" seen by us

When wrapped up in the blanket and looked up at the night sky ... "Ah, Subaru!" It stands shiny above the forest^^


Just in the star season of the current season, Milky Way of the summer, the Milky Way of the autumn, and the constellation of winter come together to feel the change of the dynamic season.


It began to cool a bit in autumn, but tons of guests came to visit us tonight. If you have the opportunity, please come and visit everyone^^