Look at the stars

Let's look up at the moon everyone ♬

10 / 4 (Wed) Small "Mid autumn moon" observation party (outpatient restriction)


Mid-autumn moon floating in the clouds
Mid-autumn moon floating in the clouds

10 / 4 (Wed) Mid-autumn Moon

Small Opinion @ Luna Observatory

In the wilderness of South Aso, enjoy the moon walk with a big telescope, moon view with dumplings and hot tea ♬


As well as the opponent, a concierge ︎ of a specialist · star of the starry sky walk. After the astronomical observation at usual huge astronomical telescope (4 k planetarium at cloudy weather), we have dumplings and tea service only for this day.


※ Because 10 / 4 (Wed) is closed at the atelier in the forest, lodging, restaurants, Hoshigahara can not be used.


[Date / time] 10 / 4 (Wed) 20:00 to 21:00 (cloudy decisiveness, cancellation in case of clear rain)

【Place】 South Asa Luna Observatory

【How to order】 Please make a reservation by telephone.

(We will welcome the jump in the day, but we will not do re-performances etc in case of late arrival, please be careful)