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Fall of Japan, Autumn of Astronomy

Aya, the harvest moon!

2017 October 5 day

The harvest moon @ 2017
The harvest moon @ 2017

Have you seen Mid autumn moon in 10 / 4 (Wednesday)?

Surely tonight and tomorrow is a wonderful moon night ♬


Yesterday, the lunar calendar August 15 "Mid autumn moon", a night that connects with many people all over the world through a beautiful moon. It was truly a wonderful time.^^


Well, in reality, it is tomorrow 10 / 6 (Fri) that the full moon is to come. It was two days from the full moon on August 15th of the lunar calendar this year.


Tonight, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow will surely be a wonderful moonlit night. If it is sunny, let's enjoy the continuation of the moon party ♬


【if you enjoy the autumn starry sky to the atelier of the forest】 4 starlit sky tours from here → https://via.co.jp/star


【i like stars, i like the universe] aerial girl event 10 / 27 (friday)】 for details → https://via.co.jp/starblog/26063.html

After the observation party, it is a moon viewing ♬
After the observation party, it is a moon viewing ♬