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Japan Open Astronomical Observatory A meeting   (JAPOS)
                                 a meeting takeshi nagano
          training a meeting director toru tsubone
takashi miyamoto, public program working group



Japan Open Astronomical Observatory A meeting   (JAPOS)   The 6 Times Kyushu area training A meeting Per Stomach



Fresh green climate, If you are standing by everyone, I am more and more prosperous and happy I will tell you. Well, Japan Open Astronomical Observatory A meeting (JAPOS), aim of astronomical commentary technology Working unit aiming at A meeting As an event responsible for the "Public Program Working Group", the following Street The 6 Times Kyushu area training A meeting We planned.


this training a meeting specific information of astronomical commentary a report through exchange, mutual training in addition to improving skills, organize and accumulate the cases brought, and open the whole country now with the aim of building a common commentary technology that will contribute to improving the qualities of commentators on the observatory .


i think that there are many deep techniques in the observation of target objects, but books training in activities one degraded it into basic elements, organize it, and practice as various groups trying how to fit and new possibilities, the latest information a report and if you can share concrete technology we think.


well, it was held in heartpia anpachi (gifu) last january the 6 times nationwide training a meeting so why do people want to know the universe - astronomical observation a meeting explanation technology:   the 1 generation the based on the theme of 3 generation as a whole, 2 nights 3 day group work effectively incorporating active learning and facilitation training the we .

>>   The 6 times nationwide training A meeting Of A report Notice (JAPOS official HP)
originally a book with many theoretical lectures training a meeting but, training module's as development progresses, more fun and easy to understand group work, practical contents that can be put to use in the field quickly have been enriched. especially book training a meeting for 5 years 1 nationwide / districts held once training a meeting how to understand the whole system of know-how cultivated in systematical machine a meeting will be .
also, this time the 6th kyushu area training a meeting is a popular nationwide training a meeting based on the contents of, we will reconfigure and organize a lot of people easy to participate on the 2nd night. "nationwide training a meeting i was interested in it, it is difficult to participate in the schedule of 3 nights and 2 nights ... " a meeting we would be pleased if you could consider participating in .
regardless of professional · amateur, planetarium and science museum · for those who are commentary on museums, etc., commentary technology one a machine that obtains broader knowledge on general basic structure a meeting into i think that will become.


As a matter of fact, I am a busy period,Please understand the above purpose, thank you for your active involvement and dissemination to all concerned parties.



1.日時   平成30年6月11日(月) 13:00 - 12日(火) 17:00

2. place 〒 869-1502 aso gun, kumamoto prefecture minamiaso village shirakawa 1810
south aso luna observatory · auberge "atelier in the forest"

3. Theme - Why do people want to know the universe? 
observation a meeting explanation technology:   the 1 generation the overall grasp of 3 generation


4. Capacity 30 name (in principle in order of application)

5. registration qualification regardless of professional or amateur, one public experience program for general
astronomical observation a meeting , culture lecture etc.) who are interested in planning · implementation.
⒍ Costs Accommodation / food expenses ¥ 12,000 yen (including 2 nights + 2 nd lunch box lunch included)
        training expenses 2,000 yen
alternating current a meeting participation applicant: a meeting as expense 3,000 yen
7. Application for participation June 4 (Monday)Please send the following participation application form by e-mail.

-------------------------------------------- plans -----------------------------------------------

monday, june 11th
12:30 to 13:00 receptionist
13:00 to 13:20 open a meeting ·self-introduction
13:20 to 18:00 ★ the 1 , 2,3,4,5 session
[ the 1st generation: display exhibit type】
           § 1: Opening session
           § 2: Equipment operation technology (optical)
           § 3: Astronomical knowledge (element table)
[ the 2 generations: theme exhibition type】
§ 4: observation a meeting program( the 2 generations)
           § 5: Creation technology of "place"
dinner from 18:30 to 19:30
20:30 ~ ★ observatory session
21:30 ~ emotion a report exchange a meeting (free participation)


6 Monday 12th (Tuesday)

8:00     breakfast

9:00 to 12:00 ★ the 6,7,8 session
           § 6: Retention technique of "place"
[ the 2.5 generation: discovery learning type】
           § 7: Adjustment technique of "place"
           § 8: The Universe and the Story (Narrative)
    12:00 ~ 13:00 lunch
13:00 to 16:40 ★ the 9,10,11,12 session
           § 9: "Eureka! "
[ the 3 generations: emergent forum type】
           § 10: Emergent forum

§ 11: general session

           § 12: convergence of "place"
          16:40 ~ 17:00 Conclusion, dissolution


South Aso Luna Observatory · Auberge "Atelier in the Forest"
869-1502 Kumamoto Prefecture Aso Gun Minamiaso Village Shirakawa 1810 TEL. 0967-62-3006


· Nine 60 minutes by car from the state expressway Masuki / Kumamoto airport IC

    · From Kumamoto Station 10:00 (via Aso Kumamoto Airport 11:09) "Rapid Takamori "ride
     → Get off at Takamori Central (end point) (12:01 arrived) →Approximately 10 minutes by taxi from Takamori center

※ access details from here →   https://www. via.co.jp/access

     ※ Because of the Kumamoto earthquake,There is no access other than public access by public transport.
     * It is also recommended to rent a car at Kumamoto station or at the airport.
     ※ Because I can not catch the last bus on the way home,IF YOU WISH TO GO TO THE NEAREST JR STATION / AIRPORT
     Staff will pick you up.
______________________________<テーマ解説> __________________________
          - Why do people want to know the universe?
observation a meeting explanation technology:   the 1 generation the overall grasp of 3 generation

observation of three generations at the open astronomical observatory a meeting is while showing various target objects, understanding the astronomy and the universe by observation the purpose of wanting to bring about is the same, but in each methodology it stands out there is a difference.

The Three-generation type (Forum type) celestial observation A meeting In the commentator (む Shiro Facilitator) and the participants observed as a friend learning together A meeting We will participate in the "place" = the forum.
First of all, A meeting Talk about what participants are seeking Exploring needs and wants what you want to know, along that, Observe from object A as a proposal from the commentator A meeting It begins.
And the discovery by actual observation and the reaction such as surprise are called " While trying it, select the next direction you want to know (target object B) on the spot , Observation A meeting We will change the direction of.
Furthermore, there are new findings and surprises arising from the observation of two or more celestial bodies , Observation to a new direction (target object C) by awareness A meeting Expand I will continue.
Through these processes, this observation A meeting This " Common understandings of the forum = Forum are shared.
In addition, the inner knowledge that each participant had up to now Understanding and reconstruction, new personal awareness (this is JAPOS Labs Modification A meeting Then, "Eureka!" Is expressed), and learning has been established I will go.

there, in front of the mystery of the great universe, both commentators and participants together as standing as an inspector and getting excited one i continue my journey of learning and understanding to go. such astronomical observation a meeting in the supposed "conclusion" there is no such thing as "end".
rather, for each participant, learn according to their interests and interests, open up their own way it will not be the beginning of a long self-education voyage to go where?

such "new meaning · forum to spin off understanding as a joint work " the 3rd generation substitute astronomical observation a meeting the commentator as a commentary technology the 1 generation document display type), the 2 generations (theme exhibition type), the 2.5 generation ( it is necessary to have proficient proficiency in deep learning type). and , its observation a meeting by participants, depending on their needs, weather with various requirements, we can reassemble it flexibly, we will make use of it.
the difference in methodology between these generations, from placing importance on results, " to put importance on the process of individual participants and their understanding " it is born from gradual transition.

JAPOS training A meeting , Mainly so far The 2.5 generation type ( Discovery learning type) observation A meeting With training While doing, The Three generations type objects View A meeting Towards the realization of training I have been doing activities. This year's National Laboratory Modification A meeting At 2 nights 3 days training Content 1 Restructured at night 2 days, I would like you to grasp the whole picture.

____________________________ <


Japan Open Astronomical Observatory A meeting (JAPOS)   The 6 Times Nine state district training A meeting   Application form

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1   participant's name (furigana): ()
2 gender: 【male / female】
3 affiliation (facility name, etc.):
4 contact information: [facilities, home, others]
· address (location): 〒
5 transportation method: 【private car · rapid takamori issue (bus) · others ()】

6 Please let us know if you have food allergies ()
7 Other *****
To: South Aso Luna Observatory Garden To Mr. Matsumoto
E-mail: observatory@luna.jp.net
FAX: 0967-62-2079
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