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New experience appearance developed by Concierge R of the star

State-of-the-art starry sky walk "Electronic observatory α-Luna" birth

2019 April 15 ​​day

α-luna system

Experience to see the invisible universe in real time in "the eyes of science", the appearance of 2019 spring

At the cutting edge astronomy scene of the 21 century, astronomers continue to challenge the mystery of the universe with sensors such as CCDs, CMOS etc. By applying this technology, we have developed the “α-Luna system” that reflects the appearance of a celestial body invisible to the human eye in real time. At the observatory, you can simultaneously enjoy the state-of-the-art experience using a huge telescope and a state-of-the-art electronic vision with a completely new scientific eye.

The new experience "Electronic observatory" appeared in the 1. Starry sky tour



The starry sky experience tour will evolve into an even richer content by combining it with the various guides of the starry sky specialist “Conscious Star R”!

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Astronomical observation with a huge astronomical telescope & electron observation system

The 2. "Starry Youtuber"! !

Youtubers who penetrate the world rapidly and are at the forefront of the times. But in them You can use the equipment to broadcast live on the starry sky, and there is not much Youtuber doing live distribution .


That is because there is simply no camera that can project the starry sky in real time, or a system that integrates it.


there, Made at Luna Observatory! That is the α-Luna System.

The virtual observatory of the Internet world where VR, MR technology advances in the end and anyone in the world can come to play will be near the day when the birth of virtual observatory (I think that there is also a Concierge R of the virtual star ^^) will be born soon.


We will start test distribution from the end of 4. We look forward to seeing you!