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The live starry sky broadcast is also good. (Manager's Starry Sky Ethnic Diary)

2019 December 14 day

12 / 8 (Sun) Starry South Aso -Observatory Live Broadcast- @ Fukuoka City Science Museum
12 / 8 (Sun) Starry South Aso -Observatory Live Broadcast- @ Fukuoka City Science Museum

[Characteristics of the Starry Sky People Part 9]

20 End of century: LRGB composition with CCD? Raw development? It's an evil way!
21 Early Century: Focusing in Live View? It's an evil way!
New !! → 2019 Year: Show the starry sky video on the Internet? It's an evil way!

... well without saying so.

We also know that the real thing is the best.


Hello, this is Takano manager.

Probably the first attempt was made to connect a large planetarium in an urban area with an observatory-class astronomical telescope live using the "α-Luna (prototype)" system dedicated to live astronomical broadcasting at the museum.

I was very nervous during the crowded thanks, but it seemed that many people were satisfied, and I was relieved to stroke my chest.


By the way, each person has their own way of enjoying the starry sky, and I think that diversity is the treasure of Japan, a country where the starry sky is beautiful and peaceful.

Today, the penetration rate of Internet devices such as smartphones, tablets, and PCs exceeds 6% for elementary school students and 9% for junior high school students and above.

The splendor and excitement of seeing the starry sky live does not fade, but on the other hand, a new way of enjoying the starry sky that suits the times is naturally born.

Through these new attempts, I hope that the base of starry sky culture, where the starry sky is fun and interesting, will expand as much as possible.


* Stargazing tribe: Since I live every day in the world of stars and the universe, I don't care about the fact that I think I am normal, but I feel a little misaligned. People like the star concierge.


Photo: 2019 / 12 / 8 At the Fukuoka City Science Museum, the star concierge Ⓡ team just before the projection