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The last astronomical BIG event of the 2019 year

Partial solar eclipse viewing party & live internet broadcast (2019 / 12 / 26)

2019 December 19 day

Partial eclipse 2019 January 6 day @ South Aso
Partial eclipse 2019 January 6 day @ South Aso

12 / 26 The viewing party will be canceled due to rainy weather.

"Partial eclipse observation party & Live broadcast" Star concierge Ⓡ Live commentary ♬


Minami Aso Luna Observatory will hold a partial solar eclipse observation party from 15:00 to 16:00! !!



▶▶--< < 概要 > >--◀◀


・Youtube Liveでルナ天文台から日食Live中継&星のコン��ェルジュの解説をスマホで楽しむWeb観望会


★ The premium eclipse to see the solar eclipse with a telescope is [No reservation required & fee 500 yen / 1 people]! You can come and go freely between 15 and 16.

Guests staying at the forest atelier at 12 / 26 can participate for free after check-in.^^


★ Click here for Youtube Live →https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx3tewSFj03nl1MEk3Zl3-A
* Live broadcast starts around 14 on the day



▶▶--< < 今回の日食について > >--◀◀


This solar eclipse is observed as an annular solar eclipse in southern India, Singapore, Guam, etc. Partial solar eclipses can be seen throughout Japan.


In Kumamoto prefecture, the maximum lack of solar eclipse is around 15:26 ♪

This time, it will be sunset immediately after the partial solar eclipse is over.

Please note that the observation session may be canceled in case of cloudy or rainy weather.


[!! Caution when observing !!]
Do not look directly at the sun.
When observing, be sure to use a "solar eclipse glass" etc.
A special filter is required when observing with a telescope.