Look at the stars

If stars are piled up, it will become a galaxy.

January 11 day 2020


[Characteristics of the Starry Sky People, Part 11]

Seeing Canopus during the winter = seeing the first sunrise of the year. If you don't look at it, you'll feel like you've forgotten something in winter. (It is an individual impression)


Happy new year, I'm Takano, the manager.

We, the people who run the lodging business, will celebrate the New Year twice.

The first is the New Year with customers on New Year's Day.

The second time, the year-end and New Year holidays have settled down, and I spend a leisurely vacation one week after the beginning of the year.



No, that's not the case.

When piled up every year, even if it is small, it shines like a galaxy.


* Stargazing tribe: Since I live every day in the world of stars and the universe, I don't care about the fact that I think I am normal, but I feel a little misaligned. People like the star concierge.


Photo: Postcard taken by the manager, issued several times a year (7 year this year)