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Starry Sky Information for 2020 4 Moon by Sonokky

2020 March 15 day


2020 year 4 month starry sky information
by Sonocky

4 Introducing recommended starry sky information for the moon ☆ 彡

So that you can look up at the starry sky at such times

We mainly deliver things that can be enjoyed with the naked eye!

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4 Enjoy throughout the month

☆ The 3 planets of Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars will line up in the eastern sky before dawn.

Depending on the weather, surrounding lights, etc., you may also be able to see the Milky Way.This year, Jupiter and Saturn will be in full bloom around summer.Mars can be enjoyed until around autumn.

Pay attention to the eastern sky before dawn! (Click to enlarge)

☆ Venus shines brightly in the western sky after sunset


Venus in the evening sky (click to enlarge)

4月3日 & 4月4日 限定!!

☆ Venus and Pleiades star cluster (Subaru) approach

The Pleiades cluster and Venus appear close to each other so that they almost overlap. The Pleiades cluster is a collection of pale stars that looks like a collection of 5 to 7 stars to the naked eye. In Japan, it is a celestial body that is also known as "Subaru". On the 3 ~ 4 days, Venus and the Pleiades clusters appear to almost overlap in the western sky after sunset.

Pleiades Star Cluster (Subaru) (Click to enlarge)

4月8日 限定!!

☆ Supermoon (the largest full moon in 2020)

The orbit of the moon is a complex ellipse, and its distance to the earth is constantly changing. Among them, when the full moon is reached relatively close to the earth, the full moon we see looks a little larger than usual. This is commonly called "Super Moon". It is difficult to clearly distinguish the difference in size compared to other full moons, but the brightness stands out.

Full moon in 2019 year 10 month

4月22日 限定!!

☆ Lyrids meteor shower is maximum

The conditions are good because it is hardly affected by the moonlight, but since it is originally a small meteor shower, the number cannot be expected so much. It is expected to be several in 1 hours. If you look up at the starry sky and see it, look for a shooting star with the feeling of being lucky ☆ 彡

A bright shooting star that appeared in Minamiaso

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