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8 / 12 Midnight ★ Perseids Meteor Shower "Polly Radio / Special Live Streaming"

2020 August 11 day

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"Let's deliver everyone's wishes to shooting stars !!』\

~ The biggest astronomical event of the year ★ Enjoy the Perseids meteor shower with the healing and laughing entertainer "Polly-san" !!


≫ Simultaneous live broadcast on official Facebook page & Youtube channel ≪

★ Official Faceook page:https://www.facebook.com/morinoatorie/
★ Official Youtube channel:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx3tewSFj03nl1MEk3Zl3-A


≫ Schedule ≪
8 / 12 (Wednesday)
Meteor Shower Live Start 23:00 ~
Pauly's live commentary 24:00 ~


↓ ↓ Click here for observation points of meteor showers! ↓ ↓


[To see the Perseids meteor shower in year 2020]
(1). 8 / 12 Good conditions from 24 at night to dawn (even before that, there is a chance to see a bright meteor!)
(2). Facing the northeastern sky,
(3). Look up for a meteor so that you can see as much of the sky as possible.
(4). If you see a shooting star, please leave a comment on the live stream!


Ultimately, it's best to lie down in a dark, open space in the sky ^^ However, it's best to observe with 1 people on a road with traffic or in a dangerous place with no people. Let's stop!


The number of meteors is expected to be about 30-50 in 1 hours in a dark place, so I think it is quite a number. The meteors you see in the beautiful summer starry sky are exceptional ♪


Please try to challenge the shooting star while connecting with everyone by live distribution!


* In view of the spread of the coronavirus, the "actual participation at the Luna Observatory" viewing party, where an unspecified number of people gather, will be cancelled.