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[SNS live distribution] 12 / 13 days 21:30 ~ Gemini meteor shower Live distribution @ Minami Aso Luna Observatory

2020 December 6 day

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Let's enjoy shooting stars together! 12 / 13 (Sun) 21:30-Gemini meteor shower Live delivery @ Minami Aso Luna Astronomical Observatory will be delivered.

In recent years, the Gemini meteor shower, which boasts the largest number of appearances in the year, will reach its peak of activity at 12 / 13 nights! The maximum time is expected to be around 12 / 14 am 10 (Japan time) during the day, so from midnight on 12 / 13 (Sun) to early morning on 14 (Mon) Has a chance to see many shooting stars.This year is the best observation condition with no moonlight! You may see meteors over 20-30 hours / 1 hours in urban areas and 13 hours / 13 hours in dark night skies.


Let's enjoy the meteor shower together while enjoying the live stream!"I saw a shooting star! ] Report comments are also welcome!

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Q. What are the points when observing meteor showers?

[Basic "ki"]
The meteor becomes easier to see from the time of 12 / 13 midnight 22 to dawn when the altitude of Gemini becomes higher.
Take proper measures against the cold, go to a safe place, and head east. Look up as much as you can so that you can see a wide area of the sky (it is also effective to lie down if it is safe!). Observe for at least 10 minutes!
[Cold protection and safety measures are perfect]
It's winter, so it gets especially cold at night! !! !!
Let's take measures against the cold as much as possible.
Cairo, warm drinks, sleeping bags, etc. are useful for long-term observations.
And let's check the road conditions of the place to go to see in advance.
It is especially dangerous to go through the road at night.
Be careful about your safety when observing.
[Observation tips]
Just because it is a "Gemini meteor shower" does not mean that it can be seen in the direction of Gemini.
Since you don't know in which direction it actually flows, the trick is to look at the entire night sky in a place where there are no trees or tall buildings.
When I lie down, my neck doesn't hurt either!
And in places with strong city lights, the number of meteors that can be seen decreases.
The best place is dark and the starry sky is beautiful.
[Check the weather forecast]
I went to see it, but when the weather is bad, I can't see the meteor.
Check the local weather forecast before you leave.
[Not always and everywhere]
Just because it's a meteor shower doesn't mean you can see it.
It may have been less than I expected, which I didn't see at all.
(Of course, there were a lot of them!
 This "I don't know until I try" is also the real pleasure of observing meteors ^^)