[Winter Highlights] "Winter Diamond" Shines Beautifully in the Southern Sky!

2021 December 13 day

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Highlights of 1・2 month

"Winter diamond" that shines beautifully in the southern sky appears!

The clear air makes winter the best time to see the stars in 1.
From 1 to 2, the southern sky will be lit up with a 'diamond made of stars'.
It is called the "winter diamond" because it is the brightest star of magnitude 1 and its shape is a large hexagon.
If you can observe it in the night sky, you can create romantic memories by presenting diamonds to your important partner or family.

At the Minami-Aso Luna Observatory, you can use the Hoshi no Concierge® and one of Kyushu's largest astronomical telescopes to explore the Galilean satellites of Jupiter observed by Galileo Galilei 400 years ago, as well as the surroundings of Saturn. Every night, we hold an astronomical observation party where you can see with your own eyes the mysterious ring that spreads out into the sky.

Time period when "Winter Diamond" can be seen at Minami Aso Observatory

1 Mon: After sunset - all night

2Month: After sunset until midnight

winter auberge

The ultimate beef "Aso red beef fillet boiled in red wine" is available for a limited time as a course meal!

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One of Aso's high-end ingredients, the rare natural grazing cattle "Aso Akaushi".
This is a rare cut that only takes about 3% from one Akaushi cattle, and is very tender. It will be available for a limited time from the second half of } through {February} next year.
Fillet of "Aso Akaushi beef" is slowly stewed in Kumamoto Prefecture's flavored vegetables and domestic red wine for a day.
The fillet meat crumbles in a rich sauce, allowing you to enjoy the delicious taste of high-quality red meat.

Click here for accommodation in the forest atelier

Only here in the whole country! An observatory where you can stay with a starry sky commentary expert

The "Star Concierge ® ️", which is independently trained by the Minami Aso Luna Observatory, is from the Japan Public Observatory Association (JAPOS).Also serves as a training instructorA professional starry sky commentator.