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2016.05.03 Mr. Takamatsu
It will be difficult after the earthquake, but I support you

The food was very delicious. Especially the bread was delicious. Planetarium I saw it for the first time but I was deeply moved. The flow of leaving the earth and going to the far end of the universe was good. I also thought it might be a little difficult story for my child. It will be hard after the disaster, but I support you. Also please take care of me at the wedding ceremony. ...


2016.01.03 丹治様

I decided on this atelier because I thought myself was interested in constellations and that children could be told even that little wonderfulness. There was a little cloud, but the star was visible and explanation was very polite and easy to understand. Every building and staff members had a warm and pleasant time. I'm really thankful to you. I want to see you again ♪ ...

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2015.05.26 Mr. Miyamoto
Observatory, garden swing, hammock, baby plan

The observatory decided to stay because there are garden swings and hammocks, a baby plan, and there is a safe Japanese room even if there are moving kids. The room was very clean, the staff 's response was wonderful, and the food was very satisfying. I hope my family can stay overnight every year. Thank you very much. ...

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2014.09.08 小林様


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2014.09.06 Mr. Yamashita
I was able to stay in peace.

マタニティプランがあり、安心して宿泊することができました。 他にもマタニティの方がいて、ゆっくりと食事もできました。 天気が悪く星があまり見えなかったので、子どもが産まれてまたチャレンジしたいと思います。 天文台で見れた月はとてもキレイでした。 プラネタリウ��も短い時間でしたが案内していただき良い思い出ができました。 和室の部屋ですが、トイレが1Fにある為妊娠さんは少し大変かもしれません...


2014.08.25 Mr. Matsumoto
This time the winter starry sky

I could not see the stars, but the cuisine was also very delicious and I was glad that the planetarium could also be seen! I think I will come to see the starry sky in winter this time. Thank you for all the help you have given me. ...


2014.08.22 今西様

It was a very good memory. It was nice to see the stars ♡ swings in the garden, the hammocks are the best! The bed of 2f was hard ... cry → I want to attend a futon. ...


2014.08.19 Mr. Ebara
I was drawn

Thank you for your polite response. The private bath was very good and the time was 40 minutes so I enjoyed it. The story of the direction of the planetarium was very well drawn. Luckily, I was happy to see the stars on the telescope. Both breakfast and dinner were delicious. I am far, but I would like to use it again if there is an opportunity. ...

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2014.08.10 坂元様

· I learned the pension with planetarium in the introduction column of the Asahi Newspaper and applied that I would definitely go. · Although it was raining unfortunately, it was a wonderful place more than I thought. I also want to go on a sunny day, if convenient. * The bed of 2f was very hard. I could not sleep well. ...


2014.07.24 冨永様

知人に教えてもらい来ました。 息子と娘で初めての旅行、すごく子供達が喜び楽しかったと言ってくれたので来て良かったです。 ...