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"Enjoy the starry sky" is the best in Japan

"Observable Observatory"

Astronomical Observatory &
Auberge (French restaurant & Petit Hotel)
in the Aso-Kuju National Park since 1986

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You can watch the weekly classic project and the live broadcast of the star concierge on Luna's Youtube channel.


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Spring 1 magnitude Arcturus

Highlights of the starry sky from 2020 to 2 and 5


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The quiet forest looks like a picture book world!

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Let's be excited in the real universe to be healed by the starry sky in nature.

This is an experience-based accommodation designed by professionals with starry sky experiences gathered from all over the country.

This hotel is an experience-based accommodation that the Star Concierge Rs gathered from all over the country with the theme of admiration and exploration into the starry sky and space, create and nurture their dreams.

The star Concierge R is involved in everything from the starry sky tour to the reservation at the hotel front, the dinner time at the French restaurant, etc.

As well as expertise, guidance for professionals with skills and experience to draw visitors, “Nikkei ranking anything“ at a starry night in the autumn night ”first place (2017 years {1 month, Nikkei newspaper We have received high praise from home and abroad, including).

From young children to the elderly, you will be able to enjoy the mysterious world of the universe, regardless of astronomical knowledge and experience.

In the spring of 2019, we further refined the "Starry Sky Experience Selected as Japan's Best".

A premium tour with a capacity of 15, experience time 100 minutes, and a Concierge R with a star dedicated to one person.

Concierge R, who is a 1 star for every 15 from 2019 April 11, holds a 100 minute premium tour every night for a small number of people on the observatory and planetarium To do.
In addition, before the tour starts, Concierge R, who is a star, will interview a set of people, and will construct and group optimal experience programs for each tour (for guests only).
There is no other kind of tour to which the program content for a small number of people so far and the use of specialized equipment such as a huge telescope or 4 K planetarium are extravagant.
(The Concierge R, who trains the stars of the hotel, is a professional of the starry sky experience who is in charge of the training program for industry professional training courses from 2012 to 7 consecutive years)

Only the Luna Observatory is able to experience the "oldest" and the "most advanced" at the same time.

In the tour, [1]. Lying on the meadow and enjoying the real starry sky, [2]. See two things in real time in 'the eyes of science' in the invisible universe of human beings I can experience it.

What has been done long since the beginning of human history records ... it is the act of lying on the prairie and enjoying the starry sky just to the end.
Experience the tour of the dedicated facility "Hoshimigahara" that has brought it to life.
Enjoy comfortable outdoor beds, warm sleeping bags in winter, private space of 1 minutes to accommodation, and enjoy starry sky to your heart's content with peace of mind.

By the way, at the cutting edge astronomy scene of the 21 century, astronomers continue to challenge the mystery of the universe with sensors such as CCD, CMOS, etc. ... so-called "pupils of science".
By applying this technology, we have developed the “α-Luna system” that reflects the appearance of a celestial body invisible to the human eye in real time.
At the observatory, you can simultaneously enjoy the state-of-the-art electronic observation with the eyes of science, in addition to the experience of seeing with your own eyes using a huge telescope.

The 21 century is the “space age,” and the starry sky experience is the experience you need.

Those who have experienced the entire program will receive a certificate of completion from "Star Concierge R".


The things you can get while having fun in the experience are really colorful. Depending on the person, for example ... various viewpoints to think of the infinite universe, the story of the life of the star connected with the earth and humanity, the fundamental question-"Where are we from, where are we going?", Etc. Such.

Those who take part in the starry sky tour and have experienced the entire program will receive a certificate of completion from the star Concierge R, as a proof of experience with the basic starry sky.
We also offer advanced courses for those who want more developmental experience (expected to expand after fiscal year 0).

"I have never seen a star ..." "Ask for astronomical knowledge ..." Such a person is welcome!

All experience programs are open to everyone from babies to seniors. No specialized knowledge is required.

Our starry sky tour is designed with an emphasis on "friendliness" and "fun" so that even non-experts can participate with interest.
Even if technical terms appear in exchange with customers, it is safe because we will add explanations in simple terms so that anyone can easily imagine.


I would like to meet the star Concierge®!


TA (Takano)

Command tower to manipulate α-Luna.
I invite you to the undiscovered universe.



Luna's best "healing character". Let's talk about the fantastic universe.

Husky Voice is very popular !!

Sonockey (garden tree)

The most popular starry sky experience tour.
Ikebo will guide you to the starry sky.



The planetarium is a sky art drawn with light. We will deliver the brightness of the starry sky to everyone.

What do you want to enjoy?

\\ I want to see the stars //

Of course the Milky Way in winter is also the best

15 By name 1 Star Concierge Is in charge of the observatory and planetarium with a small number of people 100 A minute-long premium tour is held every night!

\\ I want to eat delicious food //

enj_img 06

In this hotel, you can enjoy the full course that put the fillet of the supreme red meat ・ Aso aka beef in the main

\\ 生演��を聴きたい //

enj_img 07

We hold a dinner concert on Sunday evening! Enjoy live music and fine French in a relaxing setting.

\\ I want to relax in my room //

Annex Twin

In the main building with plenty of playfulness and antique colors, 7 There are types of guest rooms.

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