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This summer I was able to see the (Perseus) meteor shower for the first time and I was moved very much.
I want to see more and more stars! With the wishes of the Internet site Luna Observatory
I found an atelier in the forest and made an appointment at once. It was worth waiting for 2 months. I look forward to it.
It was. The typhoon 15 was hilarious, but I was also blessed with the weather.
Deneb, M 57, M 13 ?! Each was interesting and beautiful. I was moved by a star full of stars.
Dinner was satisfying with satisfactory menu and taste than expected. It is a thing that the rock bath of private charter enters by family for a long time
I thought that this will be the last even for my son who became 20 year old this year?
On the way home, I also met Hakubishin! I wanted to hear more about the director.
It was a very enjoyable family trip. Thank you very much.