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We stayed at the atelier of Minami-Aso Luna Observatory · Forest where there is the first observatory in Kyushu.
Although it arrived in the evening, it was very cool, full of forests and plants, the smell of the forest was made.
The interior design was also fashionable and spacious in a very quiet environment.
From the rock bath · moon no yu, you can see the mountains, dinner also Higo cow and appetizer etc delicious
It was. There are 1 people 1 people bag because there is a delicate attitude of amenity goods of the bath, too
Convenient. At the beautiful planetarium, observation times I saw the summer big triangle and the Milky Way.
There were plenty so that the stars fell as it was seen with the naked eye, the thing that the Milky Way looks with the naked eye was also impressed.
It was also visible from the veranda.
I watched Vega and Ring Nebula in a nice big astronomical telescope and a globular cluster M- 13.
The colors, shapes and shines of different stars are clearly visible, the owner's story was also interesting. Someday I want to see the moon and Saturn.
I made memories of the summer family. I also want to visit with my family and friends.