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070401 sakanouesama

in a quiet environment, cooking seemed delicious and i reserved it because it seems that i can relax slowly. it was steep, but i was glad that i could stay for 4 family members. it was exactly as i expected. the room had warmth of the tree, there were 2 floors, the children were very happy, it was very good. cooking was delicious, i liked it very much because it was delicious, using materials, materials on the ground and safe ones, handmade. i like decorating familiar flower flowers, such as a hammer on the table. it was a pity that the weather became worse, i could not see the starry sky, and i could not take a bath because the rock bath was out of order during the appointment time, but it made me feel relaxed and it made me a good memory. thank you very much.
when i come back to aso, i want to stay here. it is impression of nao of a child.