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Bridal fair in the star falling forest 2016 holding memorial

☆ Spring's gift campaign 1 bullet ♪ ♪ Two gifts plan ☆ (~ 2 / 20 deadline)

2016 February 16 day

Commemoration holding the 2016 bridal fair in the falling forest.
☆ Spring's gift campaign 1 bullet ♪ ♪ Two gifts plan ☆ (~ 2 / 20 deadline)
Just comment on "Your ideal wedding" and a constellation glass present for 10! In addition to introducing friends couple to the fair, gifted prizes such as dinner concerts and private planetariums will win ♪
【Present - 1】 In this post "What formula is your ideal wedding ceremony? Comment and enter the campaign!
★ Present a constellation glass that will shine 10 from among those who entered ★
[Present - 2] Let's introduce fairs to a friend couple thinking about a wedding!
Introduce a friend couple to the star woods' bridal fair 2016 (held at 3 / 6 (Sunday) 13) and get a gorgeous gift chosen by Star Concierge ® ♪
(1). Atelier of the Forest Classical Dinner Concert Pair Invitation Ticket (Natural French + Concert)
(2). South Aso Luna Observatory Astronomical observation & charter planetarium projection pair or group invitation ticket
(3). Observatory Original Starry Sky Pair Key Holder & Adult Hammer Assembling Telescope Set
* Please do not forget your "name" to a friend couple when you make a fair reservation!
* If you are a couple thinking of marriage, of course it is OK even if you join and enter yourself ♬
☆ For details about the bridal fair 2016, click here ☆
* All election contacts will be done in the comments section. Be sure to comment on this post and enter in the campaign.

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