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【Comet (Saisei) photo collection ★ Line comet emerging before dawn】

2016 March 30 day


Like the Earth and Moon, one comet in the solar system "Comet (Susumei)". Also known as "Better Star" is a traveler in the universe flying around in the solar system at high speed.
Currently, Comet Linear (252 P) appears in Southern Before dawn. Although we have not been able to shoot yet at the hotel, there is enough brightness to reach 4 grade at a time, so maybe you can find binoculars even in the moonlight. (However, since it is brightening by burst, it may suddenly become dark)

The comet appears in bright green when taken with photographs. Scorp Antares (red), Mars (red), Saturn (yellow), and colorful Milky Way are shining around Linear comet (green). Well, can you shoot this scenery ... Star Concierge ® is also a challenge!

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【astro arts linear comet is 5 crust】

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