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Minami Aso's natural calendar 2017 / 7 / 22

Screw burner

2017 July 22 day

"minami aso's natural calendar & time story" 20170722 "
   = screw banner =


a screw banner is blooming here and there beside the grass.
light thin pink color is very beautiful.


A lot of small flowers, like twisted stems are rolling.


As you can see, this winding method has right hand winding and left hand winding, which are said to be about the same number.


Is it like a human's snail?


it seems that there are many right-handed windings of the head hair.
after all, it seems like a story of the human world.


~ ~ I changed the name of the series to "South Aso's natural season" ___ ___ ___ 0

(Since flora and fauna etc. are not specialty, there may be a mistake.I would appreciate it if you can point out)