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【Challenge for the nebula lurking in the Milky Way @ Early Summer Vacation by Star Concierge R ★ Paulie】

2018 June 1 26 day

milky way
m 8 tidal nebula

milky way where many stars gather
when you peek through binoculars, it is full of stars, per star ☆

It is like a jewelry box, so to speak, from star cluster gatherings
Nebula exists even.
And actually you can see M8 (tidal nebula) in particular with binoculars! !
In the image, you can see pink color attached,
With the naked eye it is only light monochrome, vaguely shaped (> _ <)
But when I realize that the light is far away 5200 years ago, and it is the site of star formation ☆ It is very emotional ☆


especially for adults,
those who want to see rare objects are recommended!
maybe i will show you ,,,
first of all in the early summer,
from 7 / 10 to 20 days, depending on the condition of the day (^ _ -) - ☆

Click here for booking ☆

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