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You can see another big triangle in summer! June - September

2018 June 1 29 day

Another triangle is next to the big triangle in the summer! !


"Vegetable of the summer" consisting of Vega, Deneb and Altair is very famous, but actually there is another triangle only for now! !

The triangle is formed by connecting 3 stars of Altair, Saturn and Mars from the summer large triangle to the south sky △

It is immediately next to the big triangle in summer, and now the shapes are similar, so I call it "a big triangle of fake summer" without permission.

The planets Mars and Saturn gradually change their position in the starry sky, so this triangle will collapse after a while.

Whereas you can see Deneb, Vega looks white or blue whites, Mars looks red, Saturn looks yellow.

Especially since Mars gets closer in the summer of this year, it is easy to compare differences in color and brightness etc! !

Since all the stars included here are bright stars, I think they can be seen in places that are not so dark (^ _ -) - ☆

Enjoy the constantly changing starry sky!


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