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Please note the latest information

Typhoon 17 approaching Kyushu around 9 / 22

2019 September 20 day

Typhoon 17 approaching Kyushu around 9 / 22

As reported, Kumamoto Prefecture is expected to be affected by the typhoon 17 around 9 / 22 (Sunday).


The hotel is scheduled to open normally However, customers who make reservations should check the latest weather information and traffic information, and be sure to visit us carefully.


In addition, if a situation that prevents you from coming to the hotel due to transportation troubles, Please do not overdo it, please consult us. .


[Call here]
Minami Aso Luna Observatory / Auberge “Forest Atelier”: 0967-62-3006


[Click here for information on Yahoo Typhoon 17] https://typhoon.yahoo.co.jp/weather/jp/typhoon/1917.html


[Click here for traffic information in Kumamoto Prefecture] http://www.jartic.or.jp/

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