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We will recruit this year!

[Urgent recruitment] Winter vacation short-term part-time job recruitment !! [3 food supply + dormitory fee free, from the shortest 10 days]

2019 December 12 day

3 food supply + free dormitory fee, from the shortest 10 days

2019 Short-term live-in part-time job recruitment for winter vacation !!

For those who want to taste the nature of Minami Aso, those who are thinking of migrating, those who want to refresh, those who are looking for a new life, how about trying?


And at night, if you go out one step, you can see the sky full of stars.


If you are a little pinned, First, from here ↓↓↓

The main building at dusk and the observatory in preparation for release
The main building at dusk and the observatory in preparation for release

★ Bonus ★

(1).All-you-can-drink natural water from Minamiaso!
Unlimited viewing and enjoyment of Aso's wilderness at any time!
You can always see the overwhelming starry sky ☆!(elevation600 m)
(4). Once during the periodYou can participate in astronomical observation & planetarium for free!
Dormitory available (dormitory fee, water, electricity, etc. are all free)
(6). There is a countdown event on New Year's Eve & a rice cake making event with locals on New Year's Eve

Winter Forest Atelier Main Building
Winter Forest Atelier Main Building

[Condition] 2019 /12 / 22 (Day)~ 2020 /1 / 5 (Day)Between10Those who can work for more than a day


【time】1Day work9Hours (overtime allowance, some transportation expenses provided), holidays 1 days during the period


[Salary] Daily salary 8,000Circle
*If overtime occurs, a separate overtime fee will be charged.
*Transportation expenses one way5,000Provided according to the actual situation up to the yen
* If the maturity is 15 days, there is a reward of {30,000}

[Occupation] Guest room assistance, restaurant hall assistance, hotel front assistance

[Other] There is a dormitory(Furniture appliances available, free),1Day3With food

[Application deadline] 2019 /12 / 19 (wood) *There is an early end, please apply as soon as possible!!

★ Detailed dormitory information ★

There is furniture provided so that you can live in the street immediately.

Bed, bedding, toilet (shared), trash can, cleaning tools (shared), hangers, air conditioner, washing machine (shared)

With WiFi

Bath only use the hot water in the hall

Rent: None

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