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There are things that can only be seen by humans and things that can only be seen by cameras (the manager's starry sky ethnic diary).

2019 November 22 day

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[Characteristics of the starry sky ethnicity 6]

I know the greatness and limitations of the camera. So I can't stop seeing with my own eyes.


Good evening, Manager Takano.

The star concierge shoots tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of starry sky and celestial photographs annually.

Still, I can never stop observing the starry sky and celestial bodies with my own eyes.

It's not a romantic meaning, but simply knows that there are things that can only be seen and felt by human eyes.

There are a number of planetariums, books, Youtube and NHK specials, and a lot of content related to the wonderful universe.


* Stargazing tribe: Since I live every day in the world of stars and the universe, I don't care about the fact that I think I am normal, but I feel a little misaligned. People like the star concierge.


Photo: Subaru (Pleiades Star Cluster)

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