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Urgent notice ★ 5,000 yen OFF

Limited to Kumamoto citizens ★ 1 people 5 You can stay for 1,000 yen off "Go by! About reception of "Minamiaso" campaign

2020 June 1 27 day

Sold out (at 6 / 28 18)

[Urgent notice / 5,000 yen OFF] Kumamoto citizens only ★ 1 people 5 1,000 yen OFF to stay "Go by! Minamiaso ”campaign


The reception desk at Luna ObservatoryCall us from 6 / 28 (Sun) 14 o'clock !!


Conducted by Minamiaso Village,Accommodation discount of 5,000 yen per 1 people only for those who live in Kumamoto prefectureThe "Go Bye! Minami Aso" campaign, where you can receive it, will finally be accepted at the Luna Observatory !!


By the way, this campaign is≪Limited quantity≫is!!


Even at other accommodations that sold earlierSold out one after another on the same dayThat's right.

Those who can make a reservation are really lucky !!


↓ ↓ Click here for details on how to apply at the hotel ↓ ↓


★ Conditions for applying discounts ★
(1). Applicable only when the accommodation representative is an adult living in Kumamoto Prefecture (the location of the companion does not matter)
(2). Please be sure to show proof of residence in Kumamoto prefecture (driver's license, resident's card, etc.) at the front desk when you stay.
(3). Discount only for adults (not for children and infants)
(4). Only for our designated accommodation plan including 1 night 2 meals + starry sky experience tour
(5). Accommodation reservation period: 2020 / 7 / 18 (Saturday) ~ 8 / 31 (Monday)
(6). Please make a reservation after acknowledging that cancellation is not possible (cancellation fee 100% will be incurred immediately after the accommodation reservation is confirmed)


★ Reservation method / Caution ★
Only telephone reservations will be accepted from 6 / 28 (Sun) 14
(Note) It is expected that it will be very difficult to make a phone call.
(Note) Please note that the reception will end as soon as the capacity is reached.


Click here to make a reservation →0967-62-3006(Reception starts from 6 / 28 (Sun) 14 o'clock)


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