2021 year 4 month ~ 2021 year 7 mid-March ★ About recruitment of live-in part-time jobs in early summer

2021 April 3 ​​day

20210403住み込みアルバイト募集_アートボード 1_アートボード 1

2021年4月〜2021年7月 住込パートアルバイト募集




The deadline will be reached as soon as the specified number of people is reached. Contact us as soon as possible!

≪概要≫ ※詳しい労働条件は下部に記載しています
【期間】2020年4月〜2021年7月中旬 ※最長、期間は相談に応じます


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Guest house (dormitory) taken by 2020 / 10 / 12
Guest house (dormitory) taken by 2020 / 10 / 12

【How to apply】

For detailed inquiries and applicationsEmail ( are waiting for you at.

When applying, please attach (1). The start date of your desired live-in part-time job, (2). Resume (mailing is also possible at a later date).

We will judge the pass or fail by document screening and telephone interview.


応募締切 4/14(水) 早期終了あり、お申し込みはお早めに!!

[Detailed working conditions]



No update



South Aso Luna Observatory · Auberge "Atelier in the Forest"



Front desk customer service, accommodation business assistance, restaurant hall / washing area assistance, facility management / cleaning assistance






Ah 7:30-17:30 (actual work 8 hours)

9:30-20:00 (actual work 8 hours)

13:00-22:00 (actual work 8 hours)

(Closed days, immediately after closed days, etc.)

E 7:30-14:30 (actual work 6 hours)

13:00-20:00 (actual work 6 hours)






In some cases, there is overtime work of about 1 days 1 hours



Hourly salary 850 yen

Legal super 125% Prescribed super 100% Midnight 25%

特例事業所 週44時間労働時間

Wage deadline The last day of every month

Wage payment date Next month 10 day

交通費 片道上限10,000円、期間中1往復分1回支給




・昼食代 1食 200円(出勤日のみ。休館日は昼食支給なし)




> Remarks

・ Uniforms are not provided. You will need to prepare your own (shirts, black trousers, etc. will be announced at the time of adoption).

・ When using the guest house, please clean the bathroom and toilet about once a week.

・ If you wish to use the guest house kitchen, a seasoning fee will be charged separately (a few hundred yen a month).