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[No effect] Regarding the change in the alert level of Mt. Aso for 2/24

2022 February 24 day

2/24In the early morning, Mt. Aso's eruption alert level was changed to 3 (entry restricted).


All the main roads leading to Aso are passable, and the Minami Aso Railway is also operating normally.


The hotel will be open as usual from tomorrow onwards.
* Due to the epidemic of Omicron stock, there are days when the whole building is closed on weekdays.


(If there are any noteworthy circumstances, we will update it from time to time.)

2/24 Around 11 o'clock in the direction of Mt. Aso's crater taken from around the hotel
(No particular abnormality is seen)

Click here if you are interested in the state of Kusasenri and the crater

Mount Aso Live Camera https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IygHkBsFUk4

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