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Look at the stars 2021.02.06

星空ライブ配信者向け【α7SⅢ+SIGMA Art 14mm f1.8】と【α7S(初代)+Nikkor 14-24mm f2.8G】*星空ライブ動画*における短文レビュー

[Α 7 SⅢ + SIGMA Art 14 mm f1. 8] and [α 7 S (first generation) + Nikkor 14-24 mm f2. 8 G] * Short review of starry sky live video * I'm TA, the director of the virtual astronomical department. Since there was a request, I will briefly summarize the impression that both devices were actually used for live distribution. (It's a little maniac content, I will write it for those who perform live starry sky distribution) (I have never operated α 7 SII (2nd generation machine) ...

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Look at the stars 2020.12.28

It's New Year's Eve, Sonokki! !! 12 / 31 Live streaming decision !!

It's Omisoka, Sonokki !! New Year's Eve Starry Sky Talk Live @Facebook & Youtube There will be many New Year's Eve at home this year. It's good to watch the song battle, eat a feast, and watch the video as you wish. But remember, there is always a starry sky above us. And that there is a starry sky DJ Sonokki who loves the universe. ...

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Look at the stars 2020.12.21

[World connected by astronomical] Delivering live astronomical video and live commentary to Iran

2020 / 12 / 21 "Jupiter and Saturn's Super Close" Live Video & Live Commentary Delivered to Iran !! Dr. Najai Lives with the Iranian School Teachers Astronomers Association (ITAU) Astronomers Session [World Connected by Astronomers] A live broadcast from the Luna Astronomical Observatory was delivered to Iran, which is bubbling with the winter festival, and a local astronomer and Dr. Najai held a talk session for an hour and a half ^^ (Of course, the whole story) English) Ko ...

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Look at the stars 2020.12.14

12 / 21 & 22 Evening ★ Notice of live streaming of Jupiter and Saturn

Jupiter and Saturn approach each other in the low sky of the evening sky for the first time in about 400 years !! On Facebook and Youtube 12 / 21 & 22 17:30 ~ 18:30, 2 Live broadcast 2 A large gas giant that is almost indistinguishable to the human eye. Let's observe the Galilean moons and Saturn's ring at the same time using an astronomical telescope !! ★ Youtube:

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Look at the stars 2020.12.06

[SNS live distribution] 12 / 13 days 21:30 ~ Gemini meteor shower Live distribution @ Minami Aso Luna Observatory

Let's enjoy shooting stars together! 12 / 13 (Sun) 21:30-Gemini meteor shower Live delivery @ Minami Aso Luna Astronomical Observatory will be delivered. Click here for the official Facebook page Click here for the official Youtube channel Q. What are the points when observing meteor showers? [Basic "ki"] Meteor becomes easier to see because the altitude of Gemini becomes higher 12 / 13 Midnight 2 ...

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Look at the stars 2020.10.06

Virtual Astronomical Club ™ presents[Online event] "Mars battle" -Let's enjoy watching Mars and get excited together !! (Luna Observatory's Mars observation campaign)

--2020, the time of the Astronomical Warring States period-- For the first time in 2 years and 2 months, the year when Mars approaches the earth has arrived !! It is the highest honor for the warlords to have Mars, the incarnation of the war god. Which region will you have the supremacy of Mars this year ?! Let's see, shoot and enjoy Mars and participate in the battle for Mars through SNS! "Mars Battle" is the finale with 11 / 12 trees ...

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Look at the stars 2020.09.10

Held 9 / 10 ~ 10 / 1[Online event] Let's connect together "Jugoya Countdown" -Sonocky's moon trip

This event ended with 10 / 1. Thank you for all of your contributions !! Next online participation event, 10/6 start !!-Mars Battle- (The event page will be released on 10 / 6) "Moon The "secret" that makes everyone happy is hidden. ”Polly's mysterious spaceship is Min ...

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Look at the stars 2020.08.11

8 / 12 Midnight ★ Perseids Meteor Shower "Polly Radio / Special Live Streaming"

"Let's deliver everyone's wishes to shooting stars !!" ~ The biggest astronomical event of the year ★ Enjoy the Perseids meteor shower with the healing and laughing entertainer "Polly-san" !! ≫ Official Facebook page & Youtube channel Simultaneous live broadcast ≪ ★ Official Faceook page: ★ Official Youtube channel ...

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Look at the stars 2020.06.29

We will start recruiting Virtual Astronomical Club ™ members from 7 / 1

≫ 2020 / 7 / 1 15:27 ≪ Virtual Astronomical Club ™ will be created as the moon rises! Sobe Memorial Poster 2020 / 7 / 1 15:27 With the rise of the moon at Luna Astronomical Observatory, recruitment of Virtual Astronomical Club ™ members will start !! ★ Soon the special site will open !! ★ 7 / 1 { You can register as a member from 10} ★ 7 / 1 20:00 to commemorate the creation of the club "Release ...

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Look at the stars 2020.06.21

[Event] Wish upon a star! Virtual Astronomical Club™ “Tanabata Wound Club Memorial Festival”

≫ Virtual Astronomical Club ™ Founding Memorial ≪ Let's collect everyone's wishes and make Tanabata Mosaic Art !! ≫ There are also wonderful gifts !! ≪ [Latest information] 7 / 21 (Tue) 19:30 ~ Live delivery of the event interim report! Sobu Memorial Festival to collect everyone's wishes and make Tanabata mosaic art ♬ How many wishes have been gathered? On the night of the new moon ...

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