"I wonder if I can go to a classical concert ...? To you who is thinking! ★

Three reasons why the concert of the hotel is supported by age and youth

2017 April 14 ​​day

Every Sunday dinner concert boasting one of the best satisfaction at our hotel. It is "Because those who are familiar with music are coming ..."? Actually, it is not! Most people are "no classical live music for the first time".

We do not need small difficult knowledge on our concert!

(1). It's like a different world! I'm thrilled at a classic Western-style building,
(2). No matter how wrong you are! Enjoy the music "feeling with your heart and body" literally at the shortest distance of 2 M at the shortest to the performer,
(3). ♪ I can be enchanted with an elegant and romantic collaboration of classical music with a frenzied natural french ♪

Of course not only those who are interested in classical music, but also want to come to those who "want to classic for the first time"^^

↓ ↓ We are holding every Sunday, please see here for details ↓ ↓