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The 5 times "Walter von der der Fordweide and Minninger"

2017 April 2 ​​day

the singers of "courtly style love" which starts in troubadour in southern france and sings virtue as a knight and ideal love for women extends activities in the northern european german sphere from the middle of the 12th century. this era was a time when the great change in the cultural life which is said to be the 12th century renaissance was brought to western europe by originally having the point of contact with the advanced islamic culture, such as the crusades and the mediterranean trade etc. . the change gradually went up north from the southern europe of the mediterranean coast where the economic benefit was first received and developed. the sicily kingdom floating in the mediterranean, for example, founded by the norman king of north france. spain also fought territorial disputes with arab-african muslim nation and germanic christian nation in turmoil. these areas became windows for byzantine culture and islamic culture to flow into europe, important books such as plato, aristotle, euclid and petreomyos were translated by arabs and greeks who governed the national administration at the court is. it is the result of classical ancient greek-roman civilization which was once forgotten in islamic area and was forgotten in europe, but in this way philosophical books and natural science books are translated into spanish and latin and reintroduced. as a result, european culture has developed rapidly. it is said that the beginnings of courtly love poetry in europe were also influenced by such rich and advanced islamic culture.
well, the german poets at that time are called minneinger. walter von der fogelweider (around 1170 ~ 1230) is considered the best masters. being a wanderingly bard, he joined the legendary waldbrug singer battle wagner drew at the theater "tannhuiser" later, while walking from the court to the court, including the court of the austrian court of vienna it is said that. minneingerers showed officers with a horse race game during the day, and it was said that they sang a courtly love song at the banquet etc in the evening, and later created an image which is regarded as the ideal of the european chivalry afterwards.
in the later years vogelweid was served with friedrich ii who became emperor of the holy roman, was given a sealed land, and also served in that crusader. this friedrich ii is the king of the king of germany in 1198 at the age of three in south italy and sicily, except for staying in germany until becoming the german king in 1212 and becoming the holy roman emperor in 1220, that sicilian king (federico ii in italian reading) that i spent at the sicilian court till died in 1250. friedrich ii who grew up in the court where the greeks who believe in byzanto's eastern orthodox and arabs who serve islam serve as officials visited the crusaders themselves as godly catholics themselves and recaptured israel without negotiating with force where to go, considering that the 12th century renaissance culture of the then born in a historical situation that simply could not be said to be a clash of religion or civilization, together with that it became a big foundation of the subsequent european culture interesting. in such a period, the german minersinger was the success of the later medieval knight legend's origin.