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There is no impact!

[No abnormality] 7 / 26 (Fri) A very small eruption occurred, but there was no problem

2019 July 26 day

[No abnormalities] About the current state of Mt. Aso and the state of the main tourist attractions in Aso

2019 / 7 / 26 update


As reported, a very small eruption occurred at 7 / 26 (Friday) at the crater of Mt. Aso.


However, including the hotel There is no impact on tourist facilities, public transportation, roads, etc. throughout Aso .


As shown in the map above, the regulatory scope is negligible. The main tourist area in the Aso area and the main road leading to the Aso area have no effect.


The hotel continues to operate as usual, and a starry sky tour is held every night. Please come with confidence!



Aso Volcano Crater Regulation Information

Mt. Aso (Japan Meteorological Agency)


↓ A live camera that keeps shooting the sky above the hotel. A starry sky appears on a clear night without the influence of volcanic ash 灰

All-sky Live camera @ Luna Observatory


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Live sensor graph

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20180813 -DSC_1904 2

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