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Look at the stars

A starry night walk tonight 20170723 Age 1

Nebula and star cluster seen with binoculars m 11, small star cloud

2017 July 23 day

Small star cloud

A starry night walk tonight 20170723 Age 1  
Nebula / star cluster M 1 1, small stark seen with a pair of binoculars Loud


※ The photograph was taken at "Hoshimigahara".

Tonight is a new moon.
The Milky Way is well visible in the dark sky.


The white sparkling Milky Way looks dark and light, blackBut there is.


The most dense is "Star Cloud" in the Sagittarius areaThe part called. Here is the center of our Milky Way GalaxyIt's shining, it's so white.


And from there, I went up a bit (to the north) The lights are also bright.
This part is also called "small star cloud".


In any case, when you watch with binoculars, many stars are closeI understand that it is gathered well.


Sagittarius beta star, at the top of the small star cloud, M There are 11 open clusters.
In binoculars, like a globular cluster of small lights I can see it.


Why don't you look up tonight too?


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